impulsivewoman, 44, Single and currently in Surrey


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impulsivewoman: I provide all the things a man needs to put me into his fantasies and make him think of ways to seduce me. My playful smile, the way I flip my hair, when I lick my lips and I look at him like he's naked in front of me.. The list just goes on. I am able to make this really possible is because while he's talking to me, I am already creating our own fantasy. There isn't anything sexier than a man knowing what he wants and doesn't have any hesitation in getting it. Isn't that the definition of a real man? When he does what he wants and won't let anything stop him. Even if what he only wants to do is to get me naked and do me right on his bed. I would immediately submit to him and be his lady. If there is anything you want to ask me dont be shy, I dont bite and happy to chat if you are a nice person.

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